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Blitz AI Features

Data Preparation

Clean and Intuitive

BlitzAI’s intuitive user interface enables users of different disciplines and functions to easily clean, enrich, and shape enterprise data into AI.

Automated data cleaning

BlitzAI offers smart algorithms to automatically identify data that is not relevant and remove these records. This results in tremendous time savings while preparing data for Machine Learning.
Security at its core
BlitzAI keeps your data secure with both at-rest and in-transit encryption. BlitzAI also complies with all significant international data governance laws

Automated ML

Accelarated AI development

BlitzAI enables domain experts and AI creators to collaborate on a single platform to unleash AI in every business function. From finance to legal, BlitzAI allows teams to focus on the business value they are delivering while automating the process of creating AI.

For Novices and Experts

BlitzAI is for everyone. Novices can leverage BlitzAI’s built-in best practices for ML and AI development. While experts can write customized ML code and integrate it with BlitzAI for more fine-grained control over model creation

Enterprise ready

BlitzAI builds and ranks dozens of models for every AI use case and provides recommendations on the best ones to deploy based on accuracy and prediction speed.

Text, Number, Images we crunch it all

BlitzAI allows you to build new models from incredibly diverse data types. It contains a library of proprietary models, from a simple two class classifier to proprietary deep learning models. Our Explainable AI gives an explanation for each prediction made by our models.

ML Operations

Few clicks does it all

BlitzAI’s allows model deployment, maintenance and monitoring with a few clicks. All BlitzAI’s models are production ready, so you can operationalize your AI as soon as it is validated.

Monitoring and Feedback

BlitzAI monitors model performance automatically when the model is deployed on its cloud. From time take to make predictions to data drift all parameters are monitored and detailed reports are provided to the ML Ops teams for further improvement.

Customizable pipes

BlitzAI provides a range of customizations to ML pipes, this allows ML operations teams to build reliable deployment channels for their models.


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