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No code AI platform for your Enterprise

No code AI Platform


BlitzAI  helps  organizations  build  trusted  enterprise  scale  AI  through  an  explainable,  no-code automation platform. BlitzAI reduces AI development time and improves efficiency of data scientist, transforming the way enterprises create and consume AI.

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Model Library

Test the accuracy and performance of hundreds of models with varied features against your data set in one go. No more guessing the best model and features for your data set. When selecting your machine learning model and features, go beyond intuition and rely on proven metrics.

Explore BlitzAI

Machine Learning Model Library
Integrate with any cloud

Data to Enterprise AI

BlitzAI can integrate to multiple cloud and on premise data sources. Wherever your data resides BlitzAI has the connectors to consume it and transform into Enterprise grade AI solutions with just a few mouse clicks. Our model outputs can be easily integrated to any existing data visualization platform

ML Ops Simplified

Deploy and monitor all your Machine Learning models without code. BlitzAI’s ML Ops automation reduces the need for scripts to deploy models significantly. Post deployment, leverage our inbuilt monitoring functions to keep track of performance, accuracy and data drift.
ML Deployment
All Cloud Integration

Any cloud, anywhere

Azure, AWS, GCP or your data center. BlitzAI works seamlessly on any cloud or datacenter of your choice. Need greater speed? BlitzAI’s PaaS offering helps you start building Enterprise AI in the matter of minutes.

No code AI methodology

Transform Enterprise AI

BlitzAI can help your enterprise develop a scalable, reliable and secure AI

Ease the work of Data Scientist

Data scientists

BlitzAI helps Data Scientists focus on the business value of AI. BlitzAI empowers Data Scientists by automating all their data preparation, ingestion, and model selection workflows.

Seamless ML Ops

ML Ops

With BlitzAI ML Ops becomes a simple, seamless, and transparent experience. Powered by automation, ML Ops engineers can now build trusted ML workflows with just a few mouse clicks.

Business analysis through visualization tools

Business Analyst

BlitzAI takes business analysis beyond the bounds of Excel. With BlitzAI, you can ingest data from multiple sources, run predictive models and visualize data through existing visualization tools.

Evolve with AI

Leverage BlitzAI for your industry


From fraud detection to customer segmentation, BlitzAI provides trusted models that enable financial institutions to do more with their data.


BlitzAI can process multiple complex sets of data with varied features to empower retail companies to optimize product pricing and recommendations.


BlitzAI addresses use cases such as digitizing insurance records, enhancing customer retention, and creating new product offerings.


BlitzAI’s healthcare models can help clinicians and doctors by delivering actionable insights through the recognition of key trends and patterns in patient care.


Developers can leverage BlitzAI to develop solutions such as supply chain optimization, logistic optimization, and predictive maintenance.


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